Aromatherapy Glycerin Soap Soothing Soft Lavender

Aromatherapy Glycerin Soap Soothing Soft Lavender

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Cleanse and rejuvenate the body with an aromatic shower experience

A hydrating combination of natural glycerin, coconut oil, fresh herbs and pure essential oils, the rich scents and nourishing properties of Trinitae’s AROMATHERAPY SOAPS bring you the ultimate spa-like experience. The glycerin and coconut oil hydrate the skin while serving as a base to transport fragrant pure essential oils derived from Jordan’s indigenous plants and fruits. The glycerin draws moisture to the skin, while the coconut oil slowly absorbs to give you long-lasting results that keep your skin hydrated and supple hours after use. The infused natural scents arouse the senses with powerful blends of herbs, plants, and citrus fruits. The aromatic fragrances create different therapeutic effects depending on the particular fragrant blend, ranging from soothing to invigorating. All ingredients used in Trinitae’s aromatherapy soaps are all natural, non-irritant and suitable for all skin types. The soaps produce a mild, gentle lather that is silky smooth when applied to skin. The soaps are handmade, hand cut, and hand wrapped in recycled materials for a personalized Trinitae experience.

Size: 160g

How to Use

Use in the shower by creating foam on a loofa or simply apply directly onto the body. This product can also be used as a hand soap to keep your hands moist and protect them from dryness.


Main: Coconut Oil , Glycerin , Castor Oil , Lavender Essential Oil

Other: Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sucrose, Sodium Stearate, Castor Oil, Sodium Chloride, Disodium EDTA. Pure Essenetial oil of lavender , May contain: C.I.42090, C.I.16035, C.I. 19140

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