Our Philosophy

Trinitae’s use of natural ingredients and local production methods are thoughtfully chosen to give our customers a high-end, uniquely Jordanian product without compromising our commitment to ethics and sustainability. We prioritize local ingredients over imported ones, refrain from using chemicals whenever possible, and locally manufacture all of our products using raw materials to produce elegant cosmetics that enrich the body, mind and spirit.


We believe the most luxurious skincare products that offer maximum skin health benefits will truly nourish the skin by using natural, local materials and refrain from using chemicals. Trinitae prioritizes quality over quantity, which is why we favor the richest, and often the most expensive, raw materials obtained from local sources. The result is a skincare product that is nourishing and luxurious for the skin, from initial materials to the end result.

Trinitae relies on Jordan’s proximity to rich natural resources, such as the Dead Sea’s mud and salts, as well as the bountiful olive trees, citrus plants, and fragrant herbs that populate the Jordan Valley. We combine these essential ingredients fresh in our soap making process, without the use of parabens, to result in an authentically Jordanian product.

Incorporating Jordan’s natural resources into Trinitae products is what makes them truly unique and beneficial to the skin. While many skincare products can make your skin feel soft, Trinitae cosmetics soften your skin through natural processes, using ingredients such as olive oil, Shea butter and Dead Sea mud and salts, which are less likely to produce unpredictable side effects and create lasting results for skin.


Truly luxurious cosmetics enrich the body, but they also enrich the mind and spirit. This is accomplished when one can purchase skincare essentials with confidence that they will do no harm to the environment or local communities in the process.

Trinitae was founded on the concepts of ethics and sustainability, and the company has led several initiatives to engage Jordan’s rural communities, particularly through the employment of women. Trinitae trains groups of Jordanian women in the countryside on how to make soaps, and the company sells their products at the Soap House in Amman, along with the women’s handmade gift bags and soap packages.

Trinitae’s commitment to ethics also reveals itself in the company’s manufacturing processes. All Trinitae soaps are manufactured in Jordan, and from raw materials, which provides jobs to Jordanians. The areas most benefited by Trinitae’s practices are in rural communities where the company’s essential ingredients such as rosemary, thyme and citrus fruits are grown and harvested.


Trinitae appreciates the natural materials that makes their products special, and with this appreciation comes a desire to protect the environment.

All Trinitae products are packaged in environmentally friendly materials, from handmade paper gift boxes to recyclable plastic containers, and we employ local artisans to handcraft gift bags and soap accessories.

Our use of local ingredients reduces the amount of pollution that occurs during the shipping and manufacturing process, and maintaining our boutique-size operations ensures the preservation of Jordan’s precious resources.