Aromatherapy Dead Sea Fizzy Bath Ball Citrus

Aromatherapy Dead Sea Fizzy Bath Ball Citrus

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Cleanse , Relax and Enjoy Aromatherapy experience in the bath tub .

Trinitae aromatherapy fizzy bath balls contain Dead Sea salts and pure essential oils , the Dead Sea salts and powders produce a fizzing action and the moisturizing oils of sweet almond and olive oil as well as the pure essential oils are released to produce an aromatic and relaxing experience in the bath.

How to Use

Toss a fizzy bath ball in the bath tub and enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy experience.


Main: Dead Sea Salt , Sweet Almond Oil , Olive Oil , Pure Essential oils of Lemongrass , Grapefruit .

Other: dead Sea Salt , Bicarbonate of Soda , Sitric Acid , Corn Flower , Kaolin , Pure Essential Oil , Fine Fragrances , Rose Petals .

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