Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salt Crystals Rose

Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salt Crystals Rose

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Indulge in a mineral-rich Dead Sea salt soak

Trinitae's DEAD SEA SALTS CRYSTALS contain real salt crystals formed on the floor of Jordan’s Dead Sea. Your body naturally produces the ions found in Dead Sea salt, but they are lost throughout the day and must be replenished. Soaking in our bath salts restores these essential nutrients to your body and strengthen and moisturize the skin. The Dead Sea Bath Salts are infused with aromatherapy essential oils and come in large salt crystals that dissolve in warm water to enable nutrient absorption by the skin.

Size: 450g

How to Use

Sprinkle natural Dead Sea salts bath crystals into a warm bathtub. Relax and soak for 10-15 minutes.


Main: Sea (Dead Sea) salt, Pure Essential Oils of Rose ,

Other: Sea (Dead Sea) salt, Essential Oils

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