Room Diffuser Kit - Pink Grapefruit

Room Diffuser Kit - Pink Grapefruit

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Trinitae's Pink Grapefruit Room Diffuser is a sweet and fruity scent. Like our Grapefruit Room Diffuser, the tones of pure grapefruit are uplifting, yet our Pink Grapefruit diffuser is sweet without being cloying

Trinitae offers the purest and richest scents for an aromatherapy experience in your home. Our Room Diffusers come in nine different scents that range from uplifting and refreshing to sweet to relaxing and soothing. Our elegant bottles and pure reed sticks are designed to go in any home to offer lasting and pure scents derived from the best quality essential oils

How to Use

Simply add some of the solution into the vase, add the reed sticks and allow them to soak in the solution for 24 hours. Turn the sticks every one or two days to spread the aroma into your room. The solution should not be burnt since it contains alcohol.


Main: Pure Essential Oils of Pink Grapefruit

Other: Alcohol , Fine Fragrances and Pure Essential oils

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